Adventist Youth Space Passes the 1000th Mark!

Adventist Youth Space

From the office of James Black, Director
North American Division
Youth, Pathfinder, Adventurer & Camp Ministries

A message to all members of Adventist Youth Space:

We have passed the 1,000 member mark. Praise God for this. Have a Happy Sabbath.


Pastor JB and Pastor Manny

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  1. zulhainny lau-a-kien, 16 April, 2009

    I really need the Lord to help me with my exams, i have an exam tomorrow and im kinda afraid, i have problems remembering the things i study/read……. i need to get an 80 on this exam…… please pray for me, pray for the lord to be with me now that im going over everything again, and during the exam……i need the Lord badly, i wanna feel His presence and i want Him to give me wisdom, strength, knowledge, understanding……i wanna stop being afraid, i wanna stop crying and i wanna stop feeling alone, sad and depressed…….i wanna feel good, filled with faith……Thanks in advance for the prayer

  2. konica, 26 June, 2009

    The Lord will answer your prayer. I had an exam a few years ago i was suppose to go to prayer meeting and i stayed home when i knew would start praying at church i got my pillar and prayed i got a credit on my exam.

  3. krystal, 30 November, 2010

    with God all things are can do ll things who strenghtens you. be blessed.

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