Joe and Elida Yanez

Joe and Elida Yanez are a blessing to the Metropolitan church family. Joe helps the Pastor give Bible studies during the week, as well as in his personal time. He is a teacher for the Adult English class during the Sabbath School lesson study. We enjoy Elida’s vegetarian cooking during our church potlucks. She also assists as a teacher  in the children’s division during Sabbath School. We are certainly glad that they are able and willing to serve God through their ministry in our church.

Recently, they were asked the following questions:  Can you tell us a little more about yourselves? Why did you choose the Metropolitan SDA church family? Do you have any advice you’d like to give to us?

Below is their response:

We are both retired from the educational system having worked with the  Brownsville ISD for many years. We moved to Sugar Land in 2003 from Rancho Viejo, Texas  to be  closer to family. Most of Joe’s siblings live in this area. We have two adult children and one granddaughter. At the present time we help care for our granddaughter  in Pearland. Joe likes to give Bible studies and is currently involved in doing this. Elida helps take care of her sister who is very sick. We decided to attend the MET SDA Church because it is closer to our home and also because it is a friendly church. We also enjoy the weekly potlucks.

Joe and Elida, may God continue to shower you with his richest blessings as you serve our church!

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