First Ellen White symposium held in Africa

Church members flock to the Adventist University of Africa to study White’s life and legacy.

WHO teams up with Adventists in a global first

The effort to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates begins in South Africa.

Kenya’s President pledges support for Adventist education

In speech at university, Kenyatta calls Adventist Church ‘exemplary partner in transforming Kenya’

Adventist Church’s Ebola response highlights coordinated effort

Initiatives focus on clinical, community impact

Membership nears 18 million, secretary highlights regions of growth, decline

Ng and team identify numerous world stats, trends in annual report

The doctor is in

New Health Ministries director to continue public promotion of Adventist healthy lifestyle; ‘grace-filled,’ ‘balanced’ approach needed, Landless says Oct 3, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Ansel Oliver/ANN The Seventh-day Adventist Church now has more opportunities than ever to promote its message of health – one that has made Adventists the longest-living people group ever studied, says Dr. Peter Landless.

Decade after HIV/AIDS ministry launched, major reduction of stigma, increased support

Now hundreds of care groups in Africa; virus still kills thousands of members a year Sep 30, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Ansel Oliver/ANN Ten years ago, Drs.

SECOND IN A SERIES: Monteiro’s accuser sought to recant testimony

Simliya, documented as ‘psychopathic,’ said police forced him to give names under duress Jul 18, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States ANN staff Pastor António Monteiro and fellow church members have been in prison for nearly 500 days based solely on the accusation of one man.

World youth conference closes with worship in stadium, evening celebration

Wilson, Carson affirm youth for spirituality, development Jul 13, 2013 Atteridgeville, Gauteng, South Africa Ansel Oliver/ANN Renowned brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson this weekend implored Seventh-day Adventist youth to exercise their willpower and remain committed to God in a series of three speeches to the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s world youth conference

Equatorial Guinea expels Adventist missionary

Authorities claim FM transmitter was illegal satellite rig Jun 11, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Mark Kellner, Adventist Review The West African country of Equatorial Guinea last month expelled a Seventh-day Adventist missionary who was serving as president of the denomination’s local mission in the capital city, Malabo. Manuel García-Cáceres was expelled from Equatorial Guinea after serving 13 months as president of the Adventist mission in the capital of Malabo
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