ADRA assessing needs for flood-affected Northern Pakistan

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is assessing the immediate needs of communities in Northern Pakistan following some of the worst flooding in the area in 80 years, the agency reported. Some of the most urgently needed relief aid in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province includes shelters for displaced families, hygiene kits, food, water, and medical assistance, ADRA officials said. More than 1,500 people have died since flooding began last month, the Associated Press reported

In South Africa, 22 dead as fire destroys church-owned nursing home

The death toll has risen to 22 in the wake of a nighttime August 1 fire that destroyed the Pieter Wessels Frail Care facility, owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Transvaal Conference. The Wessels home, which serves low-income elderly, is in Nigel, about 40 miles (60 kilometers) southeast of Johannesburg. Initially, 17 were reported dead at the scene, officials said.

Adventists monitoring possible Sunday business-closing law in Europe

Seventh-day Adventist religious liberty proponents are monitoring a proposal from a European Parliament member who wants businesses in Europe to close their doors on Sundays. Parliament member Martin Kastler of Germany is urging for the passage of continent-wide laws similar to those of his home country, which encourage employees to take a day off work to be with their families, the New York Times reported. Though parliamentary rules bar most members, including Kastler, from introducing legislation, a recently enacted citizens petition function would require the 736-member body to draw up such legislation if supporters raise 1 million signatures from across member countries, the Times reported.
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