Adventist Church sets vote on women’s ordination for next July

Annual Council asks Session to consider letting divisions decide on ordination

Church leaders urged to hire pastors, not administrators

Treasurer Lemon points to headquarters' strict financial policy as a model to emulate

Ministry of deacons, deaconesses now under care of Ministerial Association

Indian Ocean, Botswana regions become self-supporting; reorganization for church territories in Kenya and Tanzania, too

Business consultant Hamel to present at Annual Council

Paperless agenda includes proposed amendment to Fundamental Belief on creation

The doctor is in

New Health Ministries director to continue public promotion of Adventist healthy lifestyle; ‘grace-filled,’ ‘balanced’ approach needed, Landless says Oct 3, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Ansel Oliver/ANN The Seventh-day Adventist Church now has more opportunities than ever to promote its message of health – one that has made Adventists the longest-living people group ever studied, says Dr. Peter Landless.

In Inter-America, Adventist elders authorized to baptize during historic event

Region’s 50,000 elders are crucial part of church life, growth Oct 2, 2013 Miami, Florida, United States Libna Stevens/ANN Thousands of Seventh-day Adventist elders—or lay pastors—across the church’s Inter-America Division were temporarily authorized to baptize new believers this week during the culmination of nine months of lay-led evangelism across the region. Church elders stand beside their candidate before a massive baptism in the pool at the Adventist Traininga School in west El Salvador.

Decade after HIV/AIDS ministry launched, major reduction of stigma, increased support

Now hundreds of care groups in Africa; virus still kills thousands of members a year Sep 30, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Ansel Oliver/ANN Ten years ago, Drs.

Record survey to inform Adventist Church’s next strategic plan

Division presidents to review preliminary draft at next month’s Annual Council Sep 25, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Elizabeth Lechleitner/ANN Seventh-day Adventist leaders are making initial recommendations for a global strategic plan based on the results of an unprecedented survey of the opinions, attitudes and spiritual life patterns of church members worldwide. The survey results will guide members of the church’s Strategic Planning Committee as they identify areas of concern, rank priorities and administer opportunities for 2015 to 2020

Adventist Church sues U.S. city for ‘blatant’ religious liberty violation

Las Cruces, New Mexico imposing registration requirements, fees on some churches Sep 19, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Elizabeth Lechleitner/ANN The Seventh-day Adventist Church last week filed a lawsuit against the city of Las Cruces in the U.S. state of New Mexico over an ordinance church lawyers say violates religious expression and unfairly targets pastor-led faith groups, especially Latino churches

For Taiwan’s people, Adventist seeks a better life

Taiwan Adventist Foundation impacts small farmers, underserved students and needy communities Sep 9, 2013 Jeju Island, Korea Mark A. Kellner, Adventist Review Although Taiwan is viewed by many as a hub of global prosperity--the island is home to global powers ASUS, Acer and Eva Air, among others--there are pockets of poverty, suffering and disadvantage waiting for the touch of compassion a Christian hand can bring.
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