Adventist Health Students begin training in Argentina public universities.

Students will learn how to organize health expos and additional outreach events.

In Colombia, university students urged to serve in mission field

Mission congress challenges students to work beyond national borders

Remembering our elders

We are building on the foundation of what our elders established. Let's not forget them, just as the ministry of Christ favored the "forgotten ones." Some Sabbaths ago, I visited an old widow who had lost most of her family members and, due to a hip problem, couldn't go to church.

Website coordinates worldwide prayer for church business session

Stanley Ponniah, left, in his office at the Adventist Church's world headquarters, with Ean Nugent. The duo created a website encouraging a continued sequence of prayer leading up to next month's World Session. [photo: Ansel Oliver] As Seventh-day Adventists from Argentina to Zambia pray for divine guidance leading up to next month's General Conference Session , two employees from the denomination's world headquarters are offering a platform for a coordinated prayer effort.

Creation Sabbath set for end of October

Pastors and other church leaders can find music ideas and sample sermons for observing Creation Sabbath at the event's Web site. Next month, Seventh-day Adventist congregations are invited to join in a global celebration of God's creative power and continued involvement in and care for human life

Religious freedom association forming in Mongolia

Religious freedom supporters in Mongolia this month moved to form a national chapter of the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA), a step they hope will encourage the government to implement greater principles of freedom of belief. If officially approved, the new Mongolian Religious Liberty Association -- comprised of religious, government and academia members -- will encourage a more literal interpretation of the nation's constitutional guarantee of religious freedom. John Graz, left, IRLA secretary-general, speaks with Titular Bishop Wenceslao Selga Padilla at a religious symposium in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on September 9.

Reject defamation of religions laws, panel of experts advises

Members of the International Religious Liberty Association Board of Experts met last week to draft guidelines for addressing defamation of religions laws. [photo: Megan Brauner/ANN] Addressing the scope of proposed legislation against hate speech, members of the International Religious Liberty Association's Board of Experts drafted a statement deeming defamation of religions laws unnecessary last week during the group's 11th annual meeting.

Potential Adventist Church-WHO collaboration looks promising, leaders say

As Seventh-day Adventist Church officials move toward official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations agency, many church members said they think such a partnership would benefit the denomination's network of schools, hospitals and clinics. But at last week's international conference to explore the possible collaboration, some Adventists said they aren't sure about the proposed partnership, citing concerns of blending politics with faith and compromising the church's spiritual values
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