Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing pledges one million servings of Weet-Bix to families in need

The company has supported efforts to combat food and nutrition insecurities in Australia for two decades.

Mission aviation engineer burned in accident in Papua New Guinea

Ministry is key logistical support for Adventist Church in PNG Jan 24, 2013 Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia Jarrod Stackelroth/SPD and ANN staff An airplane engineer serving a mission fleet in Papua New Guinea suffered burns on 50 percent of his body Tuesday following a fire during a routine maintenance on a new plane. Linden Millist is an engineer for Adventist Aviation Services. Church leaders are requesting Adventists to pray for his recovery following a severe burn accident

Jonathan Duffy, ADRA Australia chief, to lead ADRA International

Formerly led Adventist Church’s health ministry in South Pacific Oct 10, 2012 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Mark A.

Adventists respond to New Zealand quake

In the wake of devastation and death spawned by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand's city center today, Seventh-day Adventists in the South Pacific are responding with material and spiritual support. At least 65 people are known to have been killed, and another 100 are trapped in collapsed buildings, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Giving ‘ultimate rebuttal’ to culture of consumerism

Many of the big news stories from this year so far have focused on economics. From stock markets and exchange rates to debt issues and financial regulation, many of the economic systems we as a society have tended to take for granted continue to be brought into focus and questioned, particularly with regard to sustainability.

Deeds define Christianity more than words

We now live in a post-Christian world -- at least that's the case in the West. The post-Christian world is a place where Christianity no longer provides the guiding philosophy for society and there's no expectation that you will be Christian. For about 1500 years, from the time of Constantine declaring the Roman Empire Christian, there was pressure to be Christian by government compulsion, to qualify for office, or to conform

A deeper response to a deeper disaster

In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, much attention has been given to various outspoken commentators who have wanted to lay responsibility for the disaster and devastation on either God or the devil. But the immediate aftermath of such an event is probably not the most useful circumstance in which to discuss alternative theologies of suffering. Rather these days and weeks should be about a theology of compassion and service -- and about putting that theology into practice.

Korean Adventist language school celebrates 40 years

Keira Chung, an instructor at Adventist-run Samyook Language Institute, says the online English language program she manages is growing, even though general enrollment is down due to flu outbreaks. [photos: Rajmund Dabrowski/ANN] Keira Chung, an online program manager at the Seventh-day Adventist-run Samyook Language Institute in Seoul, Republic of South Korea, says while recent outbreaks of the H1N1 flu have slowed down the school, her online video language course remains unaffected.

Adventist Church Manual revisions move forward

From left: world church treasurer Robert E. Lemon talks with Homer Trecartin, secretary of the Church Manual Committee, while Armando Miranda, chair of the Church Manual Committee and a world church vice president, reviews documents

As Adventist student missionaries return to school, native culture can shock

After a year away from his native Australia, Anthony Nagle came home mixing Danish words into his English. The 24-year-old education major at Avondale College, who had served as a student missionary in Denmark, says he would periodically forget that "tak" and "nej" were not English words. Ashlee Chism, left, with members of the 10th grade class at Ebeye Seventh-day Adventist High School earlier this year.
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