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Bus accident shadows Adventist student group’s annual outreach event

Seventh-day Adventist Church officials in East Nigeria are soliciting prayers for the families of four members of the Nigerian Association of Adventist Students, who died in a bus accident August 28.

Outreach is the fuel for revival

Calls for revival coming from our denomination's leadership are gratifying, but we must never forget the importance of outreach.

Next round of tithe analysis reveals increases in Southern Africa, South America

You wouldn't know there's a global recession by the increase in tithe that some countries have experienced lately.

Transcending talk with types of tithe

Over the tenure of our past leadership, I was repeatedly impressed by the strong and succinct conviction of Elder Jan Paulsen as to the importance of new generations. Last year, Paulsen articulated in the October edition of Adventist World, "We must give young adults meaningful roles within the church (p.10)." Paulsen also re-initiated the Let's Talk series that he had conducted around the world for over half a decade. In the afterglow of the 59th General Conference Session, we commence upon the tenure of new leadership for our world church and for many of our divisions

Lutherans apologize for 16th century persecution of Anabaptists

A global Lutheran counsel in Germany officially apologized for its 16th century persecution of Anabaptists -- religious reformers whose descendants include Mennonites and whose beliefs profoundly influenced the founders of Seventh-day Adventism.

Adventists monitoring possible Sunday business-closing law in Europe

Seventh-day Adventist religious liberty proponents are monitoring a proposal from a European Parliament member who wants businesses in Europe to close their doors on Sundays. Parliament member Martin Kastler of Germany is urging for the passage of continent-wide laws similar to those of his home country, which encourage employees to take a day off work to be with their families, the New York Times reported. Though parliamentary rules bar most members, including Kastler, from introducing legislation, a recently enacted citizens petition function would require the 736-member body to draw up such legislation if supporters raise 1 million signatures from across member countries, the Times reported.

Adventist Church ‘not immune to change’

Having finished my supper, I paid the bill at a downtown diner late last night and my passing words to the waiter were "keep the change." On the walk back to my hotel I wondered whether anybody ever responds by saying, "I don't want the change." Some people embrace change eagerly and effectively, others are wary and at times resistant. The leading politicians of the world are currently meeting at the G20 Summit in Toronto, attempting to ease the problems relating to the global financial slump

Adventist NewsLine: June 27

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