In Iraq, Adventist Church Leader Prays for New Church

Ted N.C. Wilson encourages the small congregation in Erbil to remain faithful.

ADRA Brazil responds to the worst environmental disaster in Minas Gerais

A toxic mudslide has left hundreds of thousands of people without drinkable water, and has rendered local water supplies untreatable.

A miracle hospital opens in Hong Kong

A boom in Chinese births paves the way for a $219 million expansion project.

An unlikely alliance of global lawmakers call to end religious persecution

Representatives from nearly 50 countries explore ways to raise awareness of religious freedom challenges.

San Antonio Mayor Grateful for GC Session and ‘Steps to Christ’

GC president thanks Mayor Ivy R.

Adventist Healthcare Paves Way for Headlines

Local media outlets catch the spirit of the GC session.

Adventists promote health and spread hope in North Colombia

Governor of North Santander state commends Church for its health impact

Parliament member from one of the world’s most remote islands promotes Sabbath observance

Erity Teave, Honoui and Rapa Nui’s Council of Chiefs President on Easter Island, acknowledges the Church on the day of her baptism.

In the Amazon, thousands celebrate religious freedom

Advocates emphasize the importance of expressing gratitude for the right to worship freely

MOREcompassion Brings Hundreds of Volunteers to San Antonio

Click on an image to view a larger version of that image. As part of an initiative to introduce San Antonio residents to Seventh-day Adventists in preparation for the General Conference Session in July, the Texas Conference planned ways to impact their lives in meaningful ways
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