Commentary: Germany trip connected Adventist leaders, laity, pastors in revival focus

Our Seventh-day Adventist believers in Germany are interested in the Adventist message, involved in sharing with others, and want to be informed about the revival and reformation experience moving through our global fellowship. That's the good news arising from a recent trip to Germany that I was privileged to take along with some members of the General Conference's leadership team, including Pastors Mike Ryan, Mark Finley and Williams Costa Junior

Secularism isn’t the same everywhere

Understanding three models of church-state relations in Europe is a key first step in addressing issues of religious freedom here.

Nearly 100 years later, city honors Spain’s first Adventist missionary

A plaque honoring Walter Guy Bond, pioneer Adventist missionary to Spain, is unveiled by Roberto Badenas of the church's Euro-Africa on May 23 in Baeza, where Bond died nearly 100 years earlier. [photos: Pedro Torres Martinez] Officials of this southern Spanish city have honored the memory of the country's first Adventist missionary, one of several early 20th-century religious freedom and democracy martyrs whose graves were later desecrated

Why will some Adventist teens remain in church as adults?

A study of active Seventh-day Adventist youth in Europe offers a snapshot of what factors could be associated with young Adventists who foresee themselves in the church in 20 years. Key preliminary indicators include a congregation that offers a "thinking climate." The study suggests that youth who felt they could develop an original position in their faith by asking questions and challenging church leaders said they are more likely to remain in church compared to youth in congregations that just emphasize conformity. Other preliminary results from the research involving 6,000 respondents suggest that personal sharing and interaction with a father on issues of faith greatly increases the possibility of young people foreseeing themselves as Adventists in adulthood

IRLA, religious leaders disappointed with Swiss ban on new Islamic minarets

New construction of minarets is prohibited in Switzerland after a national vote last week. Opponents of the ban say it restricts religious freedom while others say it is a vote against Muslim extremest ideology. [photo courtesy istock] Seventh-day Adventist religious freedom leaders say they are disappointed over last week's national vote in Switzerland banning construction of new minarets -- prayer towers atop Muslim mosques
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