ADRA calls for humane response to refugee crisis in Europe

The humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church pledges solidarity with the refugees.

Refugee crisis in Europe continues, ADRA opens refugee center in Belgrade

Center used as an information center for refugees passing through Serbia.

Adventist Church in Europe responds to migrant crisis

Church leaders say "the immigrant story is also our story."

In Europe, Adventist social media sparking interest in spirituality

Long-term outreach strategies paying off; reaching a Macedonian pop star Jun 4, 2013 St. Albans, England Ansel Oliver/ANN The development of a social media strategy for outreach in Europe is paying off for Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders trying to connect with those potentially interested in learning about God. Members of a local online community in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia, meet at a live event in March to discuss life issues.

Hope Channel Ukraine is church’s fourth satellite channel in Europe

Now 14 full-time channels in the network; Philippines next Mar 21, 2013 Kiev, Ukraine ANN staff This month’s launch of Hope Channel Ukraine gives the Seventh-day Adventist Church its fourth fulltime satellite channel in Europe, along with growing Internet channels potentially laying the ground for future satellite transmissions. The March 1 opening caps a nearly five-year application process for a license to operate. In August, Hope Channel Ukraine became the first Protestant TV channel officially granted broadcast distribution rights across the Eastern European country and former Soviet Republic

European Court OKs display of crucifixes in Italian classrooms

A March 18 decision by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has affirmed the right of Italy's public schools to display crucifixes in classrooms, overturning a 2009 ruling calling for their removal.

Secularism isn’t the same everywhere

Understanding three models of church-state relations in Europe is a key first step in addressing issues of religious freedom here.

Two new iPhone apps in time for Session

Apple's iPhone users can use a new app to watch the Adventist Church's Hope Channel programming live. Also, the church in North America created an app offering information about the world church's General Conference Session in Atlanta, starting June 23. Two new iPhone applications (or apps) offer Seventh-day Adventist television programming and local information for the church's World Session , a 10-day spiritual gathering and business meeting set for later this month

Why will some Adventist teens remain in church as adults?

A study of active Seventh-day Adventist youth in Europe offers a snapshot of what factors could be associated with young Adventists who foresee themselves in the church in 20 years. Key preliminary indicators include a congregation that offers a "thinking climate." The study suggests that youth who felt they could develop an original position in their faith by asking questions and challenging church leaders said they are more likely to remain in church compared to youth in congregations that just emphasize conformity. Other preliminary results from the research involving 6,000 respondents suggest that personal sharing and interaction with a father on issues of faith greatly increases the possibility of young people foreseeing themselves as Adventists in adulthood

Adventist university in Jamaica is recipient of $120m software grant from Siemens

An Adventist University on the Caribbean island of Jamaica received a nearly US$120 million software grant yesterday for the engineering school, the largest grant of its kind in the island's history. Erica Simmons, marketing manager for Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, presented Northern Caribbean University with a contract for engineering software valued at US$118,286, or 10.7 billion Jamaican dollars, during a ceremony in Mandeville, Jamaica yesterday. [photo: Laundie Murray] Northern Caribbean University (NCU) was presented the grant from representatives of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software at the school's Mandeville campus.
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