Alberto C. Gulfan Jr., long-time Adventist leader in Southeast Asia, passes away

The 64-year-old served the church for 42 years.

Inter-America celebrates big-city impact from Mexico City

Strategic planning for outreach brings new membership results

Creative outreach projects highlighted at Council on Evangelism and Witness

Emphasis on results, accountability; pizza restaurant doubles as a church for growing community of Sabbath-keepers

Adventist Church votes guidelines for mission unity, contextualization

Church leaders hope new guidelines for mission will keep Adventist beliefs at the core of outreach while still allowing for contextualization to other cultures. Above, Vice President Ella Simmons, left, and Associate Secretary Claude Sabot direct proceedings yesterday

Delegates move 2010-2015 Tell the World plan to G.C. Session

Lowell Cooper, a general vice president of the Adventist Church, introduces a proposal for the church's mission theme for the years 2010 to 2015: "Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across." The proposal was put into the agenda for GC Session, scheduled for June 2010. [photo: Rajmund Dabrowski/ANN] Delegates to the 2009 Annual Council of the Seventh-day Adventist world church voted unanimously October 11 to move forward a continuance of the current "Tell the World" evangelistic strategy for the next quinquennium. The plan will come before delegates to the 59th General Conference Session of the Adventist world church due for Atlanta, Georgia, beginning in June 2010
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