In the Amazon, thousands celebrate religious freedom

Advocates emphasize the importance of expressing gratitude for the right to worship freely

Adventist Church sponsors its first religious liberty festival in Britain

2,000 attend the ‘Free to Worship’ festival

Religious freedom festival in Haiti highlights peaceful coexistence

Advocates recommend National Day of Religious Freedom in country

In between votes, what else to do at General Conference Session

Delegates and guests attending the Seventh-day Adventist Church's World Session  next month can expect more than business meetings during the 11-day event. With numerous world church-sponsored and local Adventist-run events to choose from, General Conference attendees can make the most of lunch breaks and after-hours during the church's 59th business session

Religious freedom festival in Peru receives national endorsement

John Graz, the Adventist Church's director for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and Spanish-language interpreter Sam Del Pozo lead a crowd at National Stadium in Lima in shouting a 'thank you' to Peru for religious freedom. Organizers estimated that some 40,000 people attended the Saturday, June 13 event.

Tolerance urged at Dominican religious liberty congress

Adventist world church director for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty John Graz speaks at the first Festival of Religious Freedom in Latin America, where broadening freedoms of religion are encouraging religious liberty proponents. [photo: courtesy PARL] Religious liberty proponents from 13 Latin American countries met in Santo Domingo last week to discuss historical and current religious freedom trends in the region
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