Annual report tracks ‘serious and sustained assault’ on religious freedom

This year’s report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) adds eight more countries—Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan,Vietnam, Tajikistan, Syria, and Central African Republic—to its list of “countries of particular concern.”

Mexican State Governor pledges support for Adventist efforts in religious liberty and social programs

For Adventist Church leaders, the visit kicked off a weekend-long focus on conscience and religious freedom, and highlighted the church’s work in building a healthier, more peaceful society.

Protecting Religious Freedom is "good for business," says Adventist Leader.

Dwayne Leslie emphasized the important relationship between religious liberties and the corporate sector during the “Religious Freedom and Business: A Way Forward,” event in Washington, D.C.

Highlighting the peace-making power of religion, despite its mixed track record

At the 17th Annual Meeting of Religious Liberty Experts, scholars examine both the destructive and healing power of faith in society.

Adventist Church offers condolences after terrorist attack in Paris

The Church also thanks France for protecting religious freedom

In the U.S., ‘parsonage allowance’ upheld against challenge by atheist group

Federal Court overrules lower court decision that clergy tax-exempt housing allowance is unconstitutional

Adventist leaders applaud announcement for nominee of U.S. religious freedom post

Rabbi Saperstein nominated as State Department’s religious freedom ambassador

Religious freedom festival in Haiti highlights peaceful coexistence

Advocates recommend National Day of Religious Freedom in country

Academic conference in Spain promotes tolerance toward religious minorities

Complutense University of Madrid School of Law hosts international event

In Romania, Adventists launch ‘Freedom Caravan’ to defend religious liberty

Eyes on potential constitutional changes later this year Apr 23, 2013 Bucharest, Romania RUC staff/ANN staff As Romanian legislators consider changes to the national constitution, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is sponsoring a mass promotion of religious liberty with a marathon of town hall meetings, university lectures and inter-faith consultations. Religious freedom proponents from six faith groups, along with government officials, met in Lugoj, Romania, last month as part of the Freedom Caravan 2013, an initiative to promote greater understanding of the need for freedom of conscience. The group met with delegations and addressed university classes in more than 20 cities
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