Press Release: Seventh-day Adventist world church headquarters to hold free vision and dental clinic September 18

The My Whole Life Health Fair will feature a 5K race, health screenings and activities for the entire family.

Mega-clinic provided ‘miraculous’ $38.4 million in services in Los Angeles

Your Best Pathway to Health releases the final figures for its biggest free clinic.

Researchers from Loma Linda University Health receive a $6.3 million grant from prominent biomedical research institute

Thanks to the funding of the National Institutes of Health, the team's results could ultimately translate into the importance of improving perinatal care and decreasing chronic disease later in life.

Loma Linda University Health clinic is the first in U.S. state of California to allow patients to try spinal cord stimulation with a revolutionary…

The new wireless trial system, which is incorporated with Bluetooth® wireless technology and Apple™ digital devices, is designed to help chronic pain patients.

Commentary: Mental Health Day

The month of October highlights two important dates that bring focus to mental health. First, we have the World Mental Health Day on October 10, and secondly the domestic violence awareness month in North America. We know that survivors of trauma and violence can often experience impaired mental and physical health

Children’s health expo attracts over 500 in St. Maarten

The first-of-its-kind expo offered free health screenings and activities from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Adventist health leaders dedicate site of Zambian health clinic

The Chalala Adventist Medical Centre will meet growing demand for Adventist health care in nation's capital.

Malamulo Hospital celebrates 100 years of caring

The Adventist hospital in Malawi is celebrated for its comprehensive care to thousands.

Adventist publishing house in India spreads message of health and wellness

Nearly 1,000 copies of the Church’s world missionary book are distributed in Maharashtra.

Adventist health expo in Laos introduces 22 participants to a new life

Organizers of the 6-day event were grateful to share healthy tips in their community.
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