Adventist CIO Lamoreaux asks Church tech experts to ‘imagine the possibilities’

Annual tech, communication conference started today with online keynote

New details released in cyber attack that defrauded Adventist Church of half a million U.S. dollars

Sophisticated online scammers hacked email account used to conduct church business

Creative acts of service mark second annual Global Youth Day

Adventist Youth skip hearing sermon to ‘Be the sermon’

Innovation key to relevance in new ‘attention economy,’ media experts say

Adventist tech, communication conference highlights need for ‘creation mindset’

In Remembrance: Andrew Kuntaraf used technology to bolster Adventist ministry, mission

Young director was at forefront of church technology Apr 8, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Elizabeth Lechleitner/ANN Andrew Kuntaraf, an advocate of using technology to empower better and more effective ministry, died on April 6 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident near Charles Town, West Virginia. He was 33. Andrew Kuntaraf, right, was instrumental in establishing a unified membership accounting software for church use worldwide.

Hope Channel Ukraine is church’s fourth satellite channel in Europe

Now 14 full-time channels in the network; Philippines next Mar 21, 2013 Kiev, Ukraine ANN staff This month’s launch of Hope Channel Ukraine gives the Seventh-day Adventist Church its fourth fulltime satellite channel in Europe, along with growing Internet channels potentially laying the ground for future satellite transmissions. The March 1 opening caps a nearly five-year application process for a license to operate. In August, Hope Channel Ukraine became the first Protestant TV channel officially granted broadcast distribution rights across the Eastern European country and former Soviet Republic

ANN Video – October 28, 2011

Black History Live Health Screening, Music Evangelism in London and Sweden, Tithe Report, Inter-America Adventist Mission Summit, Global Conference on Emotional Health, Revival and Reformation, Adventist Review Preview, Adventist Mission work with Refugees in Minnesota, #HowIShareMyFaith, United Nations Representative, The Great Hope, Tech Tip Internet Safety, Family Ministries, Griggs University Update, iShare - Dan Weber at the Society of Adventist Communicators, This Week in Adventist History. 28 Oct 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States ANN Staff Skip to a specific story in this video by clicking a link: Black History Live Health Screening Music Evangelism in London and Sweden Tithe Report Inter-America Adventist Mission Summit Global Conference on Emotional Health Revival and Reformation Adventist Review Preview Adventist Mission work with Refugees in Minnesota #HowIShareMyFaith United Nations Representative The Great Hope Tech Tip Internet Safety Family Ministries Griggs University Update iShare - Dan Weber at the Society of Adventist Communicators This Week in Adventist History - Extended

In Egypt, Adventist schools suspended this week, but church operations not affected

Two Seventh-day Adventist-run schools in Egypt have suspended classes this week due to ongoing national protests. Otherwise, Adventist operations are not affected, according to latest reports from the region.

French-language television network launches in Martinique

French Seventh-day Adventists can now tune in to programming in their mother tongue, with the help of a new Internet broadcast called Télévision de la Famille -- Television for the Family. "This is the contribution of businessmen, businesswomen, professionals to the evangelism in the world," said Tania Francois-Haugrin, who helped launch and oversees the Internet channel.

Website coordinates worldwide prayer for church business session

Stanley Ponniah, left, in his office at the Adventist Church's world headquarters, with Ean Nugent. The duo created a website encouraging a continued sequence of prayer leading up to next month's World Session. [photo: Ansel Oliver] As Seventh-day Adventists from Argentina to Zambia pray for divine guidance leading up to next month's General Conference Session , two employees from the denomination's world headquarters are offering a platform for a coordinated prayer effort.
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