Southwestern Union Holds 30th Quinquennial Constituency Session

Click on an image to view a larger version of that image. Larry Moore, center, was re-elected at the Southwestern Union Constituency Session, held May 1 and 2, to serve as president of the Southwestern Union for the 2016-2020 quinquennium

Nearly 4,000 Adventist youth focus on the global mission of the Church during GYC

Sharing Jesus’ love and the news of His return takes center stage at the five-day gathering.

Why Adventist Church leader supports the Bible and Ellen White

Q&A: Ted N.C. Wilson shares the reasons for his deep convictions — and they start and end with Jesus.

Everyone A Sower

2015 Annual Council Sermon

Two female pastors make a difference in Cuba

Gilma Carbonell, 44, leads the largest Adventist church in Cuba; Argelia Linares, 78, is the longest-serving Adventist worker in Cuba.

FULL TEXT “Cross the Jordan….Don’t Retreat”

Ted N.C. Wilson's sermon from July 11, 2015

ADRA opens 12 wells during Zimbabwe evangelistic series

The boreholes add another component to an Adventist effort to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities.

30,000 Baptisms expected in one sabbath in Zimbabwe

The Adventist Church kicks off two weeks of evangelistic meetings and free healthcare services.

Youth ‘Rattle the World’ by visiting 100,000 Phoenix homes

Young Adventists fan out across Arizona's state capital to share Jesus during a GYC convention

At sexuality summit, Adventist Church president reflects on ‘human brokenness’

Approach sin with ‘clarity and tact’ and faithfulness to biblical truth, Wilson says
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