Church Leaders Confirm 10 Adventists Were Killed in Garissa University Massacre

Local Adventist church in Garissa, Kenya solicits prayers for victims in the community

In Kenya, court’s interim order gives Adventist students Sabbath off

Some Adventist students were required to take exams on Saturdays Jun 3, 2013 Nairobi, Kenya ANN staff Kenya’s High Court has issued an interim order for public schools to exempt Seventh-day Adventist students from attending classes on Saturday, the day Adventists observe as the biblical Sabbath. A union in the East-Central Africa Division has received a interim favorable ruling that exempts Adventist from attending classes and exams on Saturdays.

ADRA delivering food, water during East African drought

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is providing water, food and emergency supplies to thousands of the most vulnerable people affected by a drought in East Africa. ADRA's Africa Regional Office, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is launching a multi-faceted intervention in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda to combat the high rates of malnutrition and protect the affected population from the threat of the spread of disease.

In Kenya, Adventist leadership distancing itself from proposed abortion law

Seventh-day Adventist Church leadership in Kenya are not urging opposition or support for a proposed law that may relax abortion restrictions in the country, instead encouraging church members to vote according to their consciences. The law, part of a proposed constitution, is widely opposed by Kenya's Protestant Christian majority. Adventist Church leaders have distanced themselves from the opposition, specifically declining to participate in an ongoing campaign to amend the law's wording before a referendum this summer, a statement from the church's East-Central African office said.
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