ANN Video – October 28, 2011

Black History Live Health Screening, Music Evangelism in London and Sweden, Tithe Report, Inter-America Adventist Mission Summit, Global Conference on Emotional Health, Revival and Reformation, Adventist Review Preview, Adventist Mission work with Refugees in Minnesota, #HowIShareMyFaith, United Nations Representative, The Great Hope, Tech Tip Internet Safety, Family Ministries, Griggs University Update, iShare - Dan Weber at the Society of Adventist Communicators, This Week in Adventist History. 28 Oct 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States ANN Staff Skip to a specific story in this video by clicking a link: Black History Live Health Screening Music Evangelism in London and Sweden Tithe Report Inter-America Adventist Mission Summit Global Conference on Emotional Health Revival and Reformation Adventist Review Preview Adventist Mission work with Refugees in Minnesota #HowIShareMyFaith United Nations Representative The Great Hope Tech Tip Internet Safety Family Ministries Griggs University Update iShare - Dan Weber at the Society of Adventist Communicators This Week in Adventist History - Extended

Commentary: The world lost a great Christian leader with death of John Stott

Our world has lost a great Christian leader in the internationally known and respected Anglican cleric John R. W. Stott, who died on July 27 at age 90

Adventist Burrill, 92, likely sets marathon record

Gladys Burrill says life is like a marathon. She would know -- she's 92 and believed to be the world's oldest woman to have completed an official 26.2-mile race. Church member Gladys Burrill, 92, set a world record on December 12 as the oldest woman to finish a marathon.

Relevant yet distinctly Adventist

We can be both practical and relevant to our community without losing our distinctive Adventist identity. But what happens when there are divergent views of what it means to be Adventist or what constitutes Adventist practice? For four months I've watched an ongoing debate over pictures of a youth banquet that appeared in an Adventist magazine.
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