Ted Wilson arms Adventist educators with an Ellen White book

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Shaky economy costs General Conference millions of dollars

Treasurer Juan R. Prestol-Puesán says the budget is being adjusted as church leaders “rest in the hands of the Lord.”

Fiji’s first Adventist president is officially sworn in.

Read Adventist Record Magazine's interview with His Excellency President Jioji Konousi Konrote

FULL TEXT: 2015 GC Session Treasurer’s Report

Editor's Note: Robert Lemon, outgoing treasurer for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, delivered the 2015 Treasurer's Report for the Seventh-day Adventist Church Friday, July 3. God Is Faithful—His Promises Are Sure Ever since Wayne Hooper wrote the words and music for the General Conference (GC) session theme song in 1962, “We Have This Hope” has been an Adventist favorite. We have had other GC session theme songs over the years, but this song has been a part of every session that I have...

Wilson Interview: “It’s A Very Humbling Experience”

Reelected president Ted N. C. Wilson talks about the burdens of his role, getting more sleep, handling disappointments, and what he will focus on in the next five years.

Remembrance: Douglass, 87, was leading Adventist theologian, author

One of Douglass' last wishes was to be remembered as kind, and people who knew him say he would
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