Moldova ambassador praises the Adventist Church’s international commitment to peace, development and human rights

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GC Delegates pledge Christ-like attitude

Church leaders ask the delegates to do all in their power to strengthen the church.

30,000 Baptisms expected in one sabbath in Zimbabwe

The Adventist Church kicks off two weeks of evangelistic meetings and free healthcare services.

Tears and Hugs at Mass Baptism in Nicaragua

Dozens of weddings are also held on the shore of Lake Nicaragua

The doctor is in

New Health Ministries director to continue public promotion of Adventist healthy lifestyle; ‘grace-filled,’ ‘balanced’ approach needed, Landless says Oct 3, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States Ansel Oliver/ANN The Seventh-day Adventist Church now has more opportunities than ever to promote its message of health – one that has made Adventists the longest-living people group ever studied, says Dr. Peter Landless.

‘Go Into Harvest Field,’ Wilson tells North Asia Adventists

Mission Conference highlights work throughout region Sep 2, 2013 Jeju Province, South Korea Mark A. Kellner, Adventist Review Seventh-day Adventists attending morning worship at the 2013 Northern Asia-Pacific Division International Mission Conference were challenged to “go forward into the harvest field” and tell the world about Jesus and His soon coming. A choir from Korea's Voice of Prophecy provided main music for the Sabbath, August 31, worship service at the International Mission Conference in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea

In Venezuela, Adventists conduct massive community outreach in Caracas

After week-long series of activities, more than 6,000 celebrate in capital plaza Aug 20, 2013 Caracas, Venezuela Yarlis Gonzalez/IAD Staff/ANN Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders in Caracas, Venezuela, say a week-long series of service activities had the largest community impact in the history of the Adventist Church here. More than 6,000 Seventh-day Adventists gathered at Plaza Caracas on August 10 to celebrate after a week-long series of community outreach activities throughout the city.

Adventist Web series depicting ‘The Great Controversy’ wins ‘Geekie Award’

Upcoming Steampunk film, ‘The Record Keeper,’ recognized for ‘Best Trailer’ Aug 19, 2013 Hollywood, California, United States ANN staff The trailer for a Steampunk Web series produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church made headlines last night at the 1st Annual Geekie Awards in Hollywood, California, United States. Director Jason Satterlund, center, speaks after “The Record Keeper” Web series he directed was recognized at the 1st Annual Geekie Awards in Hollywood, California. Executive Producer Garrett Caldwell, right, and actor Jelynn Sophia also accepted the award for “Best One-Shot.” “ The Record Keeper ,” which dramatizes the epic struggle between good and evil, won the award in the “Best One-Shot” category for "Best Trailer." The “One-Shot” category recognizes episodes still in the final stages of post-production.

Players level up spiritual life with new Adventist game app

“Heroes” reconnects players to champions of the Bible Aug 15, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States ANN staff The first Seventh-day Adventist game for iPhone and iPad was downloaded 3,000 times in the first 48 hours of its release, tripling the benchmark analysts say a mobile app should meet in its first week to be considered successful. The biblical character Abraham is one of eleven “heroes” featured on the first Adventist game app for iOS devices. Players earn points by correctly answering as many questions as possible in 60 seconds

African Religious Liberty Congress promotes peaceful coexistence

In Cameroon, 750 experts support freedom of conscience Aug 15, 2013 Yaoundé, Cameroon ANN staff Cameroonian Prime Minister Philemon Yang said a religious liberty congress held here last week was an important way to promote freedom of worship and peace in the region. Speaking to reporters at the Warda Multi-purpose Sports Complex on August 7, Yang said, “This congress is very important as we live in a country where religious liberty is respected.
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