Mexican State Governor pledges support for Adventist efforts in religious liberty and social programs

For Adventist Church leaders, the visit kicked off a weekend-long focus on conscience and religious freedom, and highlighted the church’s work in building a healthier, more peaceful society.

Pathfinders’ bus crashes after brakes fail en route to Camporee in Central Mexico

But the children escape largely unharmed thanks to the hand of God, the director says.

ADRA Prepares For Potentially Catastrophic Hurricane In Mexico

Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, is expected to make landfall in southwestern Mexico tonight.

In Southeast Mexico, Church inaugurates first model church building

First step for new churches that represent the Church uniformly across the region

Inter-America celebrates big-city impact from Mexico City

Strategic planning for outreach brings new membership results

ADRA assisting flood victims in Mexico, Cambodia

Food, hygiene kits part of initial response

Adventist Church files lawsuit against U.S. city for ‘blatant’ religious liberty violation

Las Cruces, New Mexico imposing registration requirements, fees on some churches

Adventist humanitarian agency aiding in Ivory Coast’s postelection recovery

As Ivory Coast emerges from months of political unrest following last November's disputed presidential elections, the Seventh-day Adventist church's humanitarian agency is aiding citizens of the West-Central African nation. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is assisting Nigerians fleeing recent attacks in Ivory Coast and is developing an emergency health and hygiene project in the country. United Nation investigators estimate months of postelection conflict cost the lives of 3,000 Ivoirians, but now, poor access to basic health and hygiene care could threaten thousands more

In North America, Adventist leadership to provide direction for region’s media ministries

Top Seventh-day Adventist Church leadership in North America committed last month to prioritizing the church's media ministries in the region.

Netherlands queen honors three Adventists for community service

Dimitri Triantos and Magda Trianto-van Kooij on April 30 after receiving the Order of Orange-Nassau. [photo courtesy TED news] Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands honored three Seventh-day Adventists for their community service along with other national award recipients during an annual ceremony on April 30
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