An unlikely alliance of global lawmakers call to end religious persecution

Representatives from nearly 50 countries explore ways to raise awareness of religious freedom challenges.

GC Delegates pledge Christ-like attitude

Church leaders ask the delegates to do all in their power to strengthen the church.

World Church welcomes back Hungarian splinter group

The leader of the breakaway church says it is a dream come true.

Supreme Court Rules on Same Sex Marriage

Seventh-day Adventist Church Maintains Biblical Stance

Adventist Church in North America expresses condolences for the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina

The division's president, Dan Jackson, calls for open and honest discussion on the realities of racial division in the U.S.

In Southeast Mexico, Church inaugurates first model church building

First step for new churches that represent the Church uniformly across the region

Andorra’s first Seventh-day Adventist Church is inaugrated

Efforts to establish an Adventist congregation in the small European country have been ongoing for 40 years.

Free Adventist healthcare wins hearts in volatile Mexican community

An Adventist university provides treatment to members of a community that once appropriated its land.

Thousands line up for free Adventist healthcare in Zimbabwe

The mega free clinic is operating next to the site of a major evangelistic series.

CNN Features Adventists on Show About Healthy Living

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta highlights the longevity of Adventists in Loma Linda, California
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