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For Taiwan’s people, Adventist seeks a better life

Taiwan Adventist Foundation impacts small farmers, underserved students and needy communities Sep 9, 2013 Jeju Island, Korea Mark A. Kellner, Adventist Review Although Taiwan is viewed by many as a hub of global prosperity--the island is home to global powers ASUS, Acer and Eva Air, among others--there are pockets of poverty, suffering and disadvantage waiting for the touch of compassion a Christian hand can bring.

‘Go Into Harvest Field,’ Wilson tells North Asia Adventists

Mission Conference highlights work throughout region Sep 2, 2013 Jeju Province, South Korea Mark A. Kellner, Adventist Review Seventh-day Adventists attending morning worship at the 2013 Northern Asia-Pacific Division International Mission Conference were challenged to “go forward into the harvest field” and tell the world about Jesus and His soon coming. A choir from Korea's Voice of Prophecy provided main music for the Sabbath, August 31, worship service at the International Mission Conference in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea

In Japan, 10th APACT Conference fights Asia’s tobacco epidemic

Adventist secretary-general brings church's temperance legacy to organization Aug 29, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States ANN staff Public health advocates in the Asia-Pacific region want tobacco excluded from the products covered by a proposed regional free trade agreement. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement would otherwise undermine international efforts to curb cigarette companies’ advertising, the Asia Pacific Association for the Control of Tobacco (APACT) said in a statement August 20.  APACT Secretary-General Kyoichi Miyazaki, center, at the organization’s 10th conference in Tokyo last week. Miyazaki, an Adventist, is continuing the church’s anti-tobacco legacy through his work with APACT.

In China, renewable energy project tackles growing waste problem

Biomass power plants in Chengdu to generate electricity May 7, 2013 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States APD/ANN staff The humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is moving forward with plans to construct biomass power plants in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in southwest China. A source of renewable energy, biomass power plants convert organic waste into biogas and electricity.

In Korea, ‘Love Church’ sees booming membership with homeless outreach

Caring elder oversees additional service for those in need Jan 11, 2013 Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, South Korea Korea Union and ANN staff Four years ago, two homeless people walked into the Minlak Seventh-day Adventist Church reeking of body odor and booze. The pair sat with plenty of space around them in the pews. Lee Young Hwa leads a homeless ministry at the Minlak Church in Uijeongbu, South Korea

Remembrance: Lin, 93, was jailed in China for his faith

Though he was later exonerated, Seventh-day Adventist Church administrator David Lin was jailed for his faith for 17 years in China under Chairman Mao Zedong's regime. David Lin backstage at the Adventist Church's General Conference Session in St. Louis, Missouri in 2005

Religious freedom association forming in Mongolia

Religious freedom supporters in Mongolia this month moved to form a national chapter of the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA), a step they hope will encourage the government to implement greater principles of freedom of belief. If officially approved, the new Mongolian Religious Liberty Association -- comprised of religious, government and academia members -- will encourage a more literal interpretation of the nation's constitutional guarantee of religious freedom. John Graz, left, IRLA secretary-general, speaks with Titular Bishop Wenceslao Selga Padilla at a religious symposium in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on September 9.

Paulsen commends changes in China

Seventh-day Adventist world church president Jan Paulsen met with Mrs. Gup Wei, director of the Foreign Affairs Department, State Administration for Religious Affairs, in Beijing May 18. [photos: Rajmund Dabrowski] The Beijing Ganwashi Seventh-day Adventist Church elder smiled as she greeted Pastor Jan Paulsen, the Adventist world church president.

Church president calls Chinese Adventist faith vibrant

Jan Paulsen on his first official visit to the People's Republic of China. In Wuxi, a 4-million city West of Shanghai, Paulsen is greeted by Adventist Church members after his sermon at the Protestant Church
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