ADRA Prepares For Potentially Catastrophic Hurricane In Mexico

Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere, is expected to make landfall in southwestern Mexico tonight.

ADRA Philippines first to respond in severely damaged towns after Typhoon Koppu

The humanitarian agency has distributed 1,000 emergency shelter kits.

Philippines approves new Adventist medical school

College of Medicine slated to open in August as denomination’s sixth medical school

Mission to urban areas continues with major outreach in Manila

Church president speaks at evangelism series, celebrates birthday by welcoming new church members at baptismal ceremony

Denomination’s former treasurer appointed ADRA acting president

Rawson to lead international agency while successor is sought Jul 5, 2012 Silver Spring, Maryland, United States ADRA/ANN staff Former Seventh-day Adventist world church Treasurer Robert L.

Commentary: More denominational self-evaluation would make mission more effective

Even Nehemiah needed to know the reality before rebuilding Jerusalem's walls 16 Nov 2011, Manila, Philippines Petronio Genebago As leaders we need to make more time to evaluate our programs at the grassroots level in order to better understand the effectiveness of our programs, mission and direction. It's easy for us to write programs on the 8 x 11 white bond paper, with its table divided into 3-6 columns with headings like "events," "date," "venue," "target," and so forth, without making time to listen and feel the heart and needs of our members.

Adventist Burrill, 92, likely sets marathon record

Gladys Burrill says life is like a marathon. She would know -- she's 92 and believed to be the world's oldest woman to have completed an official 26.2-mile race. Church member Gladys Burrill, 92, set a world record on December 12 as the oldest woman to finish a marathon.

Is Christmas pagan, Christian or just convenient?

Is the celebration of Christmas on December 25 really a pagan custom that early Christians borrowed? Atheists often mock Christians for celebrating a "pagan" festival and some Christians decline to celebrate Christmas, while others argue that regardless of its origins, Christmas is a good evangelistic opportunity.

Bradshaw is new ‘It Is Written’ speaker/director

John Bradshaw, the New Zealand-born pastor of a Seventh-day Adventist congregation in College Place, Washington, is the new speaker/director of It Is Written, a pioneering Adventist television ministry. He succeeds Shawn Boonstra, who stepped aside earlier this month over health concerns. In an e-mail message to the ministry's supporters, Boonstra described Bradshaw as "a man with a deep commitment to the cause of Christ and an obvious passion for soul-winning." He added, "Our backgrounds and approaches to the work are remarkably similar, and yet [John] brings new insights and abilities to It Is Written that will expand our impact and help us become even more effective in leading people to Christ." Earlier, in discussing his departure from day-to-day responsibilities for It Is Written, Boonstra wrote, "Due to health issues, I am relinquishing my duties as speaker/director of It Is Written.

Religious liberty advocates applaud dwindling support for defamation of religions resolution

Opposition to a defamation of religions resolution is accelerating among member countries of the United Nations General Assembly, despite the measure's annual passage for more than a decade, religious liberty experts said. The measure, first introduced in 1999, seeks to curtail speech offensive to the religious sensibilities of listeners. What religious liberty advocates find troubling is its arbitrary enforcement and capacity to restrict freedom of religious expression, the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA)'s board of experts said in a statement last year
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